Volunteer Your Time and Make a Teacher's Day

Donate an hour a week to your child's teacher.

If you'd like to give your child's teacher a gift for Teacher Appreciation Week, consider volunteering your time in the classroom. Teacher Appreciation Week usually occurs during the first week of May, and this is the time when parents and students like to give teachers small tokens of their appreciation. Volunteering time is one of the best gifts parents can give. Doing small jobs for a teacher can help them tackle the heavy workload each teacher is faced with on a daily basis.

You can assist teachers in any number of ways. Many teachers dread decorating bulletin boards. Not everyone is a whiz with a stapler and a bunch of construction paper. If you have the Martha Stewart magic touch, you can donate an hour out of your day and decorate a bulletin board for your child's teacher. This saves the teacher time, allowing her to focus on some other pressing task.

Some teachers might love for you to help grade spelling or math tests. Others would be thrilled to have you help out during the class holiday or birthday party. It's a rare teacher who wouldn't appreciate someone coming in to read to the class a story while he gets some paper grading done. Even something as simple as erasing whiteboards or stapling papers can be a welcome respite to the daily tasks a teacher needs to carry out each day.

Don't forget about household jobs. If you really want to show a teacher how much you appreciate them, you can wash their car for free or even cut their lawn. How about cooking the teacher a home-cooked meal? Everyone loves to eat, but not everyone loves slaving over a hot stove, especially after a long day at work. If you use your imagination, you can think of hundreds of other ways to show your child's teacher how much you care. Consider the teacher's personality and brainstorm ways to make their Teacher Appreciation Week a week to remember.