Give a New Teacher Her Own Starter Kit

It's official. Your friend or family member has landed his first job as a teacher. They will now begin a career affecting the lives of countless children, teaching them what they need to become successful members of society. Now that they have that teaching job, they need teacher gifts. Get your family and friends together to create a Teacher Starter Kit. When a teacher first starts out, they have no supplies for their classroom. Supplies can be expensive, especially for a person who has nothing to start with. Fill a large storage box with items a teacher needs. You can get a storage box at any discount store and they usually come with lids in a matching or clear plastic color.

Office and teacher supply stores have items like sticky notes, bulletin board items, bulletin board border, a stapler, ink pens, and other necessary supplies. Every teacher should have a daily planner to keep track of when report card grades are due or when the next staff meeting takes place. Elementary school teachers need plenty of stickers to reward their students for good behavior or academic excellence. You can also fill the storage box with books for their classroom library, colorful magnets, or printer paper.

Many new teachers would appreciate a non-fiction book that discusses how to survive your first year as a teacher. Other teachers might enjoy having a new nameplate for their desk, their names engraved in elegant lettering. Kindergarten teachers need learning centers for their children. How about putting some building blocks or simple puzzles in the storage box?