Give Your Teachers a Free Spa Day

Your child's teacher spends day after day making sure your child learns to read, write, and understand mathematical concepts. They act as substitute parent for part of the day, as well. Many people like to think of innovative ways to thank their teachers for the tremendous work they do. Teacher gifts are presents students and parents give to teachers to in order to show their appreciation for the hard work and sacrificing teachers do. Being a teacher is one of the most difficult jobs a person can undertake, requiring long hours, heavy workloads, using their own money to buy items for their classroom, and often working on the weekends. Because of this, teachers deserve something unique to celebrate the important place they have in society.

Students and parents can display their gratitude for everything the teacher has done that year by giving the teacher a gift certificate to a day spa. Both men and women enjoy going to spas, but very few spend the money to get pampered by beauty professionals. If parents provide the teacher with a gift certificate to a spa, teachers will receive VIP treatment and get facials, manicures, pedicures, or massages.

If parents want to give the entire school staff a luxurious treat, they can consider asking the PTA to finance a spa day at the school. Hire employees of a spa center to come to the campus and pamper the employee's of the child's school. This special day could be scheduled around teacher planning periods or work breaks. They can receive soothing facials, warm foot soaks, and scalp massages in the teacher's lounge or in an unused classroom. New Age CDs can play tranquil music in the background as each staff member is treated like royalty. Light refreshments can be served so that teachers can be transported to a quiet, tranquil environment.

So instead of buying your child's teacher the usual flowers or scented candle, consider providing them a day of pampering. Your child's teacher will love receiving special treatment for the day and will never forget the family who helped make it possible.