Teacher Gifts Simplified

Many etiquette experts advise against giving gift cards. They claim that gift cards are impersonal and a poor gift choice. But when you're buying teacher gifts, gift cards can sometimes be one of the best choices.

Gift cards make great teacher gifts for a variety of reasons. Teachers' lead busy lives. After a busy school day, they usually have extracurricular school-related activities, and in the evening they often grade papers. By the end of the week, they usually need a break. A gift card to a local coffee shop offers them the perfect excuse to take a break and savor their favorite coffee beverage. Let them enjoy coffee and dessert on you with a gift card to their local coffee shop.

Gift cards to bookstores are also a great choice for teacher gifts. Teachers spend a lot of their own money buying classroom materials and books. All those purchases can sure take a toll on their budget. Give your child's teacher a chance to read something enjoyable and leisurely by purchasing a gift certificate to a bookstore.

Gift cards to pizza restaurants are also a great gift choice for busy teachers. With a gift card to a local pizza store, your child's teacher can order a quick dinner on a really busy night before their progress reports are due.

Don't be hesitant to purchase a gift card in an amount that's comfortable for your budget. Any amount is sure to be appreciated. That's the great thing about gift cards; they really do accommodate every budget. Set one total budget for your children's teachers and divide the amount evenly.

Don't forget to include a personalized note to your child's teacher with the gift card. The teacher will know just whom the gift is from and also can keep the card as a keepsake.