Time for the Teacher to Practice Penmanship with These Great Teacher Gifts

It's certainly no secret that teachers spend a large portion of their own budget on classroom supplies and educational materials. When buying teacher gifts this holiday season, buy stationary and other paper supplies for your child's teacher. With the right tips, this common teacher gift can be quite spectacular.

Paper comes in nearly every shape, size, and style. Look for upscale paper stores; buy the highest quality you can afford. When your child's teacher is used to seeing plain boring white paper in school all day, high-quality paper with intricate designs and embellishments will certainly be a treat and a nice departure from routine.

Presentation is also important, so make sure you pay attention to how you wrap the stationary and writing utensils you've bought. Buy a nice desktop organizer and arrange the supplies neatly in it. Wrap the entire container in cellophane and attach a bow or decorative ribbon.

If your geographic area doesn't have stores devoted entirely to fancy paper products and complementary supplies, surf the Internet to find a store. Just make sure you place your order so there's plenty of time for delivery before it's time to give teacher gifts.

A nice option to consider when buying stationary for teacher gifts is monogramming. Adding initials to the stationary will personalize this gift option. Just make sure you confirm the initials before placing your order.

Make sure you include a high-quality pen with the stationary set. Teachers use chalk all day long, so they'll really appreciate teacher gifts that allow them to write without getting covered in chalk dust. You're also sure to find notepads in various school-related themes such as apples and school buses. Include some decorative sticky notes in the gift as a nice add-on.

Your child's teacher will surely appreciate the chance to write in style with these appropriate teacher gifts.