Marble Magnets: The Perfect Homemade Gift for the Teacher In Your Life

Finding inexpensive teacher gifts isn't a difficult task. You don't need to spend a great deal of money on a present for the special teacher in your life. Many kids make homemade gifts for their teachers. The majority of teachers appreciate these kinds of presents because they require thought and take time to prepare. It's easy to go to the store and buy a trinket or gift card. On the other hand, it requires planning and creativity to design a personalized gift for a teacher. One homemade gift idea involves making marble magnets. Marble magnets can be made cheaply and are a unique gift that anyone can create.

You can purchase flat-bottomed marbles at discount or craft stores. Usually a pound of marbles will cost you no more than a couple of dollars. Be sure you find the clear marbles, not the tinted ones. You will also need some magnets. Two types are available-magnetic tape or flat, round magnets. Magnetic tape isn't as good as the round magnets because the tape is often weaker than the round magnets. No matter which magnets you decide on, they can usually be found in discount and craft stores as well. Finally, dig out a bottle of white glue and a pair of scissors.

Now, here comes the fun part. Have your child hunt for interesting pictures from old magazines. The pictures will need to be small enough to fit on the flat part of the marble. Put the marble on top of the picture to see if the picture is the correct size for the marble. Using a pencil, trace around the marble so that you know how much of the picture you need to cut. Take your scissors and cut the picture out of the pager. Squeeze a drop of glue on the flat top of the marble and press the picture face down onto the glue. Make sure the picture is smooth by pressing away the air bubbles. Let the picture dry for 30 minutes. The glue dries clear so that all you see is a magnified picture. Next put a strip of magnetic tape on the back of the magnet. If you use the flat, round magnet, glue it to the back of the marble. Make about six marble magnets for your teacher, using a variety of bright, colorful pictures. Place them in a tin box or a metal cookie sheet and let your child give the teacher gift to her teacher.

Any teacher would love to receive such a unique homemade gift. The magnets last forever, and every time your child's teacher opens her fridge or the file cabinet, she'll remember who made such a quirky gift for her.