Tonight's Homework: Homemade Teacher Gifts

It can be hard for even the most creative parent to know what teacher gifts to buy for their children's teachers. Some gifts seem too personal such as perfume or jewelry, and other gift ideas such as scented hand lotion seem overdone. Fortunately, we've got some great tips for you when it's time to buy teacher gifts.

Homemade teacher gifts are sometimes the best teacher gifts. Ask any veteran teacher, and every one of them likely will tell you that they have an entire box of special mementos and handmade cards they received throughout their careers. If you're having difficulty deciding on teacher gifts this year, encourage your children to make homemade teacher gifts.

Homemade teacher gifts come in a variety of shapes and sizes and often will depend on your child's age and particular strong points. If your child loves to draw and paint, have your child paint a watercolor. Have your child sign the painting and include the date. Frame your child's masterpiece and give it to your child's teacher.

If you and your children enjoy baking, spend a Saturday near the end of the school year making their teacher's favorite cookies. Package them in a pretty tin and finish with a bow.

Older children can include personal notes with their teacher gifts. Teachers love feedback from students despite what you initially might think. Getting a personal note from your child that recaps the year can provide great feedback for your child's teacher while also serving as a heartwarming gesture. Teachers really do appreciate when students take the time to reach out to them and reflect on the school year.

When it comes time to buy teacher gifts, give serious consideration to homemade teacher gifts. The time and effort you put into homemade teacher gifts will surely be appreciated by your child's teacher.