Go to the Head of the Class with These Teacher Gifts

Giving the teacher an apple is one of the most traditional teacher gifts imaginable. An apple makes a very practical gift for teachers. Apples are tasty and a portable snack that are convenient for teachers who spend most of their days on their feet.

Don't be afraid of tradition when it comes to teacher gifts. Just try a few unique spins on one of the most traditional teacher gifts. Your teacher gifts will be sure to stand out with the following helpful tips.

Apples are a timeless teacher gift, but make sure you give a dozen. Select a few varieties of apples in both green and red during apple season. Add a 13th apple and call it a "teacher's dozen." Arrange the apples in a pretty basket that your child's teacher can use to store classroom supplies.

Apple pie is another yummy and interesting take on this popular teacher's gift. If your culinary skills make the grade, bake an apple pie and deliver it to your child's teacher at the end of the school day. Otherwise, buy an apple pie at your local bakery and surprise your child's teacher with it.

Create a pretty gift arrangement filled with all things apple. Don't hesitate to include a variety of product types. Apple air freshener will work perfectly nestled between apple-scented hand soap and an apple-scented hand lotion. Include some expensive indulgences if your budget permits. Natural food stores often carry upscale hair product lines, and apple cider vinegar sometimes makes an appearance in luxury brand hair treatment products. The key is to maintain your apple theme regardless of your budget constraints. You can even include apple stickers and other classroom supplies that sport an apple theme.

Regardless of what teacher gifts you choose, make sure you include a personal note for your child's teacher so he or she knows just how much you appreciate their effort and contribution to your child's education.