Teacher Gifts for Elementary School Teachers

Teachers may make a difference on a daily basis, but students don't always show appreciation on a daily basis. There are a few incentives out there to gently nudge students to show their appreciation for teachers. Since 1985, the first week in May has been declared Teacher Appreciation Week by the national PTA. Annually, the first Tuesday in May is now considered Teacher Appreciation Day. During the official week, on the official day, or anytime throughout the year is a good time to show appreciation for a teacher with a useful gift.

Small hands can make small but thoughtful gifts. A hand-made gift from a student is a sure-fire way to earn a smile from a teacher. Teachers don't have much room on their desks, but a small, useful gift would be appropriate. One idea is a small first aid kit, assembled and decorated by the student; elementary students constantly need Band-Aids! Fill an empty metal candy box with enough Band-Aids to fill half the box. A small tube of Neosporin and a couple of alcohol wipes (for insect stings or bites) would be enough to fill the box. Using a small index card, the student can write a short message for the inside of the box, and then decorate the outside of the box.

Another useful desk-top gift would be a supply pot. Children can wrap construction paper around an empty coffee can, or similar size container with a plastic lid, then tape or glue any overlapping edges. Decorate the can with a personal touch-drawings, messages, or cut-outs. With adult supervision, students can cut X's of various sizes in the top of the lid for pencils, rulers, scissors, or other supplies. Glue a magnet on the side of the can to hold a few paper clips.

Teacher gifts don't have to be expensive or extravagant. These small, practical gifts will be greatly appreciated by teachers. Homemade gifts with a personal touch will leave a lasting impression.