Teacher Gifts Done Right

As with all gift giving opportunities, giving teacher gifts comes with its own set of expectations. If you're giving your child's teacher gifts this holiday season, keep in mind certain conventions to avoid confusion and frustration.

Don't expect your child's teacher to open up his or her teacher gifts in front of the entire class. At one time, it was common practice for teachers to set aside some time in the afternoons to open up teacher gifts in front of the entire class. This is pretty rare in today's classrooms. Teachers often will wait until the kids leave for the day to open up their gifts, so that students who couldn't purchase a gift don't feel left out. Sometimes teachers will individually call up the students to their desk who gave gifts. Get to know the policy your children's school has and familiarize your children with it so they know what to expect.

You'll usually receive a thank-you note within a few weeks if you gave your child's teacher a gift. Teachers spend part of their day not only dealing with academics but also instilling good manners. The best way to teach manners is to set a good example. That is why you'll usually get thank-you notes from teachers.

If you're at a loss for good ideas for teacher gifts, don't hesitate to ask colleagues of your child's teacher. That's not considered inappropriate at all. They can usually give you helpful suggestions that will streamline the gift buying process. You can be sure that they won't spoil the surprise either. If your budget is tight this year, buy what you can afford. Don't feel obligated to buy a gift that you can't comfortably afford.

Keep the above conventions in mind when giving teacher gifts. They'll help you and your children avoid confusion and allow you to enjoy buying and giving teacher gifts.