Quick and Creative Teacher Gifts

Showing appreciation for your teacher doesn't have to be expensive or time-consuming. Simple items coupled with clever note cards add a new twist on a much deserved "thank-you." Look in your pantry for a bottle of clear soda. Write a note that says, "Thanks for making my days sparkle," and tape it to the bottle. Depending on the note, this gift doesn't take more than five minutes to prepare. Place the gift on your teacher's chair before class, then sit back and prepare for a smile.

Teachers can always use supplies, so give a yardstick with a note that says, "Nobody measures up to you!" Give a notepad with a personal note written on the first page mentioning how "noteworthy" his teaching methods are. A new box of pens or pencils is a great gift, especially with a note about how your teacher has the "write" stuff.

Treats will mostly be appreciated if accompanied by a note of thanks. Give your teacher a bag of M&Ms with a note of thanks for being a "Marvelous" & "Magnificent" teacher. Give a bag of Smarties with a note about how you've turned into a real "smartie" by being in class. Give a bag of Riesens, and list the reasons you like your teacher. You can always tell your teacher what a "lifesaver" she is on a note taped to a bag of Lifesavers.

For more traditional gifts, you can still incorporate some creativity. You can give you teacher a gift card for a movie theater with a note to "show" your appreciation. A plant for the classroom is a nice gift, especially with a note about how much your teacher has helped you "grow" as a student. Candles are always popular gift items for teachers. Throw in some matches with a note about how nobody can "match" your teacher's skills.

Small and simple gifts are a perfect way to show appreciation for your teacher throughout the year. Traditional gifts are fine, but remember to be creative!