Class Teacher Gifts Explained

When buying teacher gifts, you might want to consider a group gift. Many parents choose to pool together the resources of all the students' parents and purchase one large gift. There are a few obstacles to making this option work in place of individual teacher gifts, but it can be done successfully with a little planning and effort.

Inevitably, one parent has to bring up the subject with the other students' parents. In this type of situation, it's usually one or two parents who take charge and make this gift choice a reality. Why not have it be you?

Be discreet when you ask other students parents so the teacher doesn't overhear your conversation. If you have contact information for the other parents, call or email them directly. Your goal is to keep the gift a surprise.

Price is a consideration as well. You can suggest a flat contribution to the other parents or they can contribute what their budget allows. Some parents might still prefer to buy small teacher gifts even if they contribute to the class gift.

Collecting the monetary contributions presents a dilemma as well. You'll probably want to assign two parents to this important task. Pick-up at the end of the school day can be a great option for collecting the money without the teacher noticing.

Keep in mind that some parents might not want to contribute to one group and prefer to buy their own teacher gifts instead. Respect their decision. You can only include the names of all parents who contributed on the teacher's card or you can still indicate that the gift is a class present. Get input from other parents' who contributed to see what they prefer. Group teacher gifts can be a popular option for busy parents who don't have time to devote to shopping.