Back to School Teacher Gifts

One of the greatest challenges to education in America is overcrowded and underfunded classrooms. Many teachers resort to funding supplies directly from their own pockets. As students get ready to go back to school, buying their own supplies would actually be a gift for their teachers.

Parents can help teachers by sending school supplies with their children on the first day of school. Taking that a step further, sending extra supplies to school for general use could be the greatest gift a teacher ever receives. Paper, pencils, scissors, and art supplies are necessities in each elementary classroom. These may seem like boring gifts, but they can be crucial to a teacher in an underfunded classroom.

In lower income school districts, teachers are often told to make do with limited supplies. In these classrooms, extra staplers are considered a luxury. When parents or students want to show appreciation for a teacher, adding these so-called luxury supplies to the classroom is not only a gift, but a life saver. Items could include lined paper, computer paper, erasers, highlighters, dry-erase markers, glue sticks, tape, paper clips, markers, and colored pencils. Placing everything in a gift bag along with a note of appreciation adds an extra special touch.

A little-thought-of idea is books for class libraries. The books don't have to be brand new. Yard sales or thrift stores often have useful books, and sometimes collections of books. Parents can ask teachers for a wish list of books they would like to have in their classrooms. At the beginning of the year, during the holidays, and throughout Teacher Appreciation Week, these lists can be circulated so parents and students can give gifts a teacher truly needs. Parents and students can give these gifts anonymously as well. Supplies are the most practical, and one of the most appreciated gifts you can give a teacher.